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MIA PAranormal investigates the Old Cobourg Jail

On Saturday October 26, 2013, MIA Paranormal investigated the Cobourg Jail located in Cobourg  Ont. The history of this place was typical for an old jail: a lot of misery and deaths of in mates. It did not take long for MIA to start finding evidence to suggest that this place is indeed haunted.

For this investigation, we were accompanied by a group of the public whom paid a donation (to raise money for a local hospital) to accompany a real ghost hunting group. We did not disappoint and found plenty of evidence of the paranormal.

In one room, we were accompanied by a group of people who all witnessed a girl, named Ashley, say that her hand was pinned down by an unforeseen force. Here are pics taken in sequence.

In the first pic - you can see that nothing was around her:

In this second pic -- you can see that energy is starting to come down.

Now you can see it clearly in her hand

Here is a close up -- this is the energy that speaks to us (as shown below in the EVP video)

What is really interesting is about a minute after this pic was taken, she said that she felt something around her neck. MIA told the entity to leave Ashley alone and everyone in the room heard in real time an EVP. It said "I GOT TO GO" and it left Ashley.

Here is that EVP:

We will post our evidence here in the coming days.

MIA Team

Check out our new BLOG

We have sponsored a new blog that examines other peoples work/evidence that human consciousness and the brain are separate and we are really spirital beings and are immortal

MIA Paranormal Investigates Fort Erie

On April 27, 2013, MIA Paranormal investigated Fort Erie, a fort used during the war of 1812, a war between the United States and the British colony of Canada.

 During the height of the War, hundreds of 1812 soldiers lost their life at the fort. MIA was in search for evidence that suggests that the spirits of these soldiers still linger around the fort. The night did not disappoint.  All MIA members had personal experiences, we caught entity pic,s and caught many EVPs on our recording devices.

Investigation video

Here is the investigation video.

14th Regiment

We caught an EVP that told us that the entity belonged to the 14th Regiment. And them made reference to French. We think French refers to the Battle of Frenchman's Creek, See:

Check it out - one of our BEST EVPS ever caught...

MIA Finds Captain Kingsly

This is unbelievable. MIA Paranormal asked Kingsly to say his name (or another entity to say his name) and we get that response. LISTEN TO THIS EVP - it will blow you away....

Pics from the night

Here are some pics. This is a pic of a blue orb that we saw during the investigation.

Here is the Orb up close:

Here is a white entity that many people saw floating across the premises of the fort. This appears to be in motion. 

Here is the team doing EVP work.

Captured EVPS

In this EVP - we are told to GET OUT/

In this EVP -- the entity locks the Camera and tells us to go.
In this EVP -- we ask what side the entity fought on and it told us YANKs (a term to refer to the American side)

MIA Paranormal Returns to Theatre Guild

On Saturday Spet 15, 2012, MIA Paranormal returned to the Peterborough Theatre Guild seeking more proof to back claims of its paranormal activity. As we start to review the evidence -- we are not disappointed. Some of the members had personnel experiences during the investigation, such as hearing a threat and witnessing our gear which was fully charged lose power within minutes.

Scott was told to watch his head when he suggested that he liked the theatre seats and was going to bring them home (sometimes we try to provoke to invoke a response). During the 2nd guild investigation, this approach worked. Notice the energy ORB above the person's head in the following pic. (When get EVPs at a location - we typically get ORBS too).

Jason captured some pics of the actual Slimer (similar to the little guy whom appeared on the Ghost Busters moves). These pics feature an energy pattern of something merging to form and in the end - it was a green blob - aka Slimer:

2nd pic:

Fully rendered:

Check out this EVP vid where you can hear Scott get warned and then Jason and Scott debate whether the entity should be fired -- which invoked a real strong response.

They Think I am Chappy

In the same location in which we photographed the green mass shown in the previous photos - we caught this EVP. This is really really interesting as it shows beyond a doubt that the entity is an intelligent haunt and is aware that we were addressing it as Chappy. I guess we now know that more than Chappy haunts the Guild. Check this out.

Safe on your watch

Here is another kick ass EVP from the Theatre Guild. Same voice as "They think I am Chappy". In this EVP -- the entity says "Safe on your watch" -- very very clear..

Check out our new BLOG

We have sponsored a new blog that examines other peoples work/evidence that human consciousness and the brain are separate and we are really spirital beings and are immortal

MIA Paranormal EVPs from 2011-12 provides evidence that human consciousness survives the death of the physical body

We compiled a list of our best EVPs from the 2011-12. These EVPs provide strong evidence that human consciousness survives the death of the physical body. That is, we go on after death. Some of these EVPs use dated language such as the one caught at Chemong lounge that says :HEAVEN AND STARS.  Another example of dated language is when Scott asks the name at Ottawa Jail house and gets "Paul...Stranger".

Some provides evidence that entities have pride and when you insult that pride, you will hear it. An example is "PISS OFF" caught at Oshawa Little Theatre. Others provide many questions such as do entities hang around in spirit with their earth families. We caught "Daddy... do we know them?" Wow -- this implies that a spiritual entity see us while investigating and asked his dad who we are.

Others protect earthy property. For example, when we were in the Peterborough theatre guild and was setting up equipment, we heard "Don't Do That" Sometimes we are even corrected by entities such as when we were trying to figure out the name of the entity and we heard on type "HEV". It was telling us its name as we thought it was HOBART or something.

One of the reasons why MIA Paranormal investigates is to find evidence whether humans are really spiritual entities having an earthy life or are we just a collection of brain cells that will cease to exist when we die. This is a question that i have pondered my entire life and is one of the reasons why I am a paranormal investigator.

 Based on over 100 EVPS - you can hear a collection of some of our best ones in the following video - we feel that we have provided strong evidence that humans are spiritual beings. In addition, we survive death, know how to speak and communicate with people when we are separated from our bodies, and ghosts are real and they are not demons from hell or monsters- but ordinary people that have passed over and still roam the earthly plane.

The following video represents of a collection of MIA paranormals best collection of EVPs from 2011-12. Enjoy the video.

To see the youtube version (better quality) see :

MIA Team!

MIA Paranormal is interested in other mysterious phenomenal

Although our main focus is investigating claims of spiritual and ghost activity, and yes - we have found lots of evidence over the past several years, we are interested in other unexplainable events as as well, including NDEs (Near Death Experiences), UFOs, and so on.

Skeptics dismiss these are fairy tales. I find that perspective funny after seeing so much evidence related to Ghosts. We @ MIA have heard ghost voices out of thin air, been knocked by unforeseen forces, and captured over 100 audio clips of entities, etc. Therefore we realize that the world is far more mysterious than the main stream media lets on. Or does the main stream media report on these stories and we ignore it.


The following video shows a lot of interesting clips of main stream media (like CNN) capturing UFO footage. I think we are past the point now where we can deny the existence of phenomenal like ghosts and UFOs. I have seen the lights featured in the following video hover over Ottawa Ont many time during the past 15 years. Enjoy the video:

And if you think the lights are just planes - well the lights stay in the same position for serveral hours that rule out planes, helicopters, shooting stars, flares, etc. As well, the featured crop circles contain advanced mathematical  equations that appear in fields in less than a night -- which rules out dumb ass hoaxers stamping in the field with boards.


MIA believes that reincarnation is real. The ghosts that we capture on type exist in a state known as life between life. There are many researches that investigate reincarnation. Here is a good example with Dr Brain Wiess.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

There are millions of people from around the world that all tell of similar events after they pass away for a time period ranging from several mins to hours in same cases. Even the scientific community is investigating NDEs, as shown here:

The field was started in the 1970s by Dr Moody. Never heard of NDEs or Dr. Moody, then watch the following:

Spiritual Mediums

Spiritual mediums like James Van Praagh can hear, see and communicate with ghosts. Hear him in the following C2C interview:

MIA Team!!

Spiritual Activity found by MIA Paranormal at Oshawa Little Theatre

On Saturday April 28, 2012, MIA Paranormal was busy investigating another community little theatre. This time we investigated the Oshawa Little Theatre.

Here is a cool pic of the ghost that you can hear in the following EVPs.

Once again, we found evidence to suggest that spirits do roam the theatre. We all had personal experiences. Jason heard multiple dis-embodied voices throughout the night. Ben conducted several EVPs where he caught some responses, as shown in the following video.

In this video, you can hear Jason's surprise reaction to another dis-embodied voice (remove kids as this reaction is his true reaction and is not family friendly. Even paranormal investigators are sometimes taken by surprise when we hear voices out of thin air).

 The following are some interesting pics from the investigation. This one shows a large Orb over Trish.

Here is another blue orb we saw floating in the Air.

Here is some energy around a statue.

We will post more evidence as we continue to look through it.

Hear Malice Cooper and Jason talk about this case:

MIA Paranormal continues investigating Ontario-based community theatres

Towards the end of April 2012, MIA paranormal will investigate another community-based theatre near the Toronto area.

Once again, claims are actors and actresses hearing and seeing strange events, people hearing unexplainable sounds, and so on. This will be our 3rd community theatre in less than a year. The other 2 theatres did not disappoint as we found plenty of evidence at Peterborough Theatre Guild and Simcoe Little Theatre: (Simcoe) (Peterborough)

At both places - we caught interesting pics and many EVPs backing up claims that these places do contain paranormal activity.

We will be posting evidence we caught at this theatre near the end of April 2012.

MIA Team

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