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MIA paranormal back in action in Nov

After taking the month of Oct off - due to some members having other commitments like helping out with Chills for CHEO - MIA paranormal is back in action in Nov.  Here is a cool pic from of an MIA member in costume helping out with CHILLS for Cheo:

We are going to start off by investigating an old deserted farm house with no hydro near Peterborough:

This should be an interesting case. Also - in 2012 - we are starting to lineup some good cases including a possible trip to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum located in Weston, WV. Formerly known as the Weston State Hospital. This is one of the most haunted places in the US and would be a great place to conduct our 1 year case some time in the spring.

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal Halloween Theme web site is posted

We have posted our Halloween themed MIA Paranormal web site until Nov 1.

Check it out at:

Also -- under the video section - hear some new EVPS - Click on the collection of Evidence video and hear a Ghost tell us "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP" -- among some other EVPS.

New Pics
See new Haunted Farm House pics on our web site - lots of energy pics to go along with the EVPs. No doubt that the farm house was Haunted.

MIA Team

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