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MIA Paranormal Heading to Tombstone Arizona

As most people are finishing off the holidays, members of MIA paranormal are heading to the town of Tombstone Arizona on Boxing Day. That is right -- MIA paranormal is heading to the Old West. This town is one of the most haunted places in the USA. Among some of the haunted places is the Birdcage Theatre.

The following pics (taken by family members of MIA in March 2011) are some pics that shows entites captured in the Birdcage.

Notice the image of a Woman's face in the mirror on the left.

Here is the actual Lady of the Night from the Birdcage whose image is in the above pic:

The following pic shows energy on the top of the stage.

The following pic shows energy around a family member. Notice the orb below her hand. 

We are looking forward to seeing what we can capture on Boxing day.

EVPS caught in Tombstone
Here are 2 EVPS caught by MIA while in the Birdcage in Tombstone -- one of the most haunted places in the United States.

MIA Team

ORBS -- what are these

As 2011 closes out - we are reviewing our first real year as an established Ghost hunting team. MIA Paranormal has really come a long way since this posting:

We have caught a lot of evidence of entities - especially EVPs. We notice that when we get EVPs - we get a lot of ORB shots in the area. We have a lot of interesting ORB pics posted on our site. People argue that ORB shots are nothing more than Bugs, Dust. or light reflection. If this was the case - we would not be getting the voices that answer our questions on our recording devices that strongly suggest that ORBs are really conscious energy that is able to understand questions that we ask and provide answers. That is, ORBs are a form of an entity.

The following pics are some of the better ORB shots that we have caught during 2011 and where we have also caught EVPs:

For more information about ORBS -- read this article:

Ghostly Images

We want to collect some of the best real ghostly images on the net - more than just ORB pics. The following image was taken by a local hunting group in the fall of 2011. It was caught by a motion detector camera:

Here is another pic taken by a local group. The only problem was that the carriage was empty when the picture was taken. So whose face is there?

These pics are posted on our web site at under community pics. If you want to send us your real Ghostly pic - email us at

Here is a new video that will be shown at the start of the video.

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal investigates the Legendary Cornwall Jail

On Sun November 13, 2011, MIA Paranormal investigated the Cornwall Jail, which is suppose to be one of the most haunted locations in eastern Canada.

All MIA members had personal experiences, including hearing dis-embodied voices, hearing footsteps, and feeling cold spots.  Here is a good pic of the team doing this investigation.

We have just started reviewing the evidence - and so far - we are not disappointed. We have captured some interesting pics - like the one below - which shows Jason surrounded by energy:

We are also starting to find some very cool EVPs. This may turnout to be one of our most active investigations with respect to EVPS.

This is the video that i was talking about. (If kids are around - do not let them listen to this.) I was trying to provoke the entity and called it a chicken. It responded by saying "F%^& YOU".

In this Clip -- you can hear the entity say "No MORE QUESTIONS" in response to Jason asking a question:

Here is an EVP that answers NO to a question that Jason asks -- check it out:

In this EVP -- JASON is told to GET OUT while performing an EVP Session.
We will post more evidence here as we find it. Also - our full investigation -- including the claims at the Jail - will be posted in later NOV at:

Here is a new video contains some new EVPs - you can hear a conversion that Jason has with an entity.

Malice Cooper Interview
Hear the latest Malice Cooper/MIA Paranormal interview. In this interview, you can hear a discussion about the Cornwall Jail investigation:

MIA Team

MIA paranormal back in action in Nov

After taking the month of Oct off - due to some members having other commitments like helping out with Chills for CHEO - MIA paranormal is back in action in Nov.  Here is a cool pic from of an MIA member in costume helping out with CHILLS for Cheo:

We are going to start off by investigating an old deserted farm house with no hydro near Peterborough:

This should be an interesting case. Also - in 2012 - we are starting to lineup some good cases including a possible trip to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum located in Weston, WV. Formerly known as the Weston State Hospital. This is one of the most haunted places in the US and would be a great place to conduct our 1 year case some time in the spring.

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal Halloween Theme web site is posted

We have posted our Halloween themed MIA Paranormal web site until Nov 1.

Check it out at:

Also -- under the video section - hear some new EVPS - Click on the collection of Evidence video and hear a Ghost tell us "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP" -- among some other EVPS.

New Pics
See new Haunted Farm House pics on our web site - lots of energy pics to go along with the EVPs. No doubt that the farm house was Haunted.

MIA Team

Hear Malice Cooper and MIA Paranormal discuss the Haunted Farm House

Once again - MIA Paranormal and Malice Cooper talked about the paranormal. Hear MIA and Malice discuss the Haunted Farm house case at:

This was one of our most active investigations. To see the full investigation of the Haunted Farm House - see

Also -- Join our facebook Group At:

MIA Team

Sneak Peak of a MIA Paranormal investigation of a Private Residence in Eastern Ontario

On the Weekend of Sept 17, MIA investigated a private residence in Eastern Ontario.

We have started reviewing the evidence and we are finding this to be one of our most active places. Here is a sneak peak of an  awesome piece evidence. In this clip, you hear Jason thanking the entity for its participation. You see Jason thanking it in the video and then you can hear the same EVP that we caught in response to Jason's statement. 

Our full findings of this investigation will be posted at in early Oct. You do not want to miss this one.

Here is a very creepy EVP
Talk about a very creepy Ghost voice - this one is a classic CREEPY voice that answers YES to Jason:

The Entity Likes the game of Baseball
I guess even after you pass on - you can still hold a love for Earthbound games. In this clip -- Jason asks the entity if it likes Baseball. The response - is "I am learning that game". This is yet another mind blowing piece of Evidence that was caught by the MIA Paranoromal team.

New Video with new EVPs
Here is a video with new pics and new EVPs. Among a good new EVP is one in which the entity tells someone on the team to "Sit Down and Shutup"

MIA Team

Chills for CHEO

As you know --  MIA Paranormal investigates real haunted houses and other locations. However - one place where you should check out -- if you live in the Ottawa area -- is CHILLS FOR CHEO. This  is a great event that raises funds for the local Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (in Ottawa). So if you are in Ottawa this Halloween season -- be sure to drop by and help CHEO.

I can assure you -- this place is much scarier than most of the places that we investigate :-- lol.

Check it out:

With over 85 K hits in a few months, here is a new EVP video

Our web site has been up for 2 months and the response thus far has blown  us away. So far - our combined hits between Blog and Web Site exceed 85,000. We have heard that people like our EVPs, so enjoy this one. Among the new EVPS in this video from our first Lakefield investigation in May 2011 are  "HELP" "Jack", and "Go AWAY".  Like always, these are 100% real.

For more MIA Paranormal investigations, see

MIA Team

Hear Latest EVPs from a recent investigation in Havelock, Ontario

Here is a video of a collection of some interesting EVPs. Among some of the interesting ones is an EVP that says "No Sherman", another one that says "Dare US", and another one that says "Hug Me". Personally -- i think EVPs are the best proof that paranormal is real and not people's imagination.

This video was put together by Jason who along with Mike conducted the investigation.

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal rolls out our new 3D video introduction

As we have been building our content over the past 6 months -- we have been looking for ways to improve our content, including our pictures, EVPs, and videos. Having said that -- we are pleased to add a new 3D introduction to our videos that will introduce the team:.

To see our new 3D based introduction, see the following video:

MIA Team

Hear Malice Cooper and MIA Paranormal discuss Ottawa Jail Death Row Ghosts

Hear MIA Paranormal and Malice Cooper talk about the ghosts that still wonder the halls of the old Carleton Jail House -- now the Ottawa Youth Hostel.

This was another awesome talk that the MIA team enjoyed with Malice. Love her show - an open Internet talk show. Listen to the interview @:

To see the entire Ottawa Jail House investigation -- see:

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal Investigates the Ottawa Jail House

Long rumoured to be haunted -- the Ottawa Jail house was the destination of a MIA Paranormal investigation on August Sat 13, 2011. Those who grew up in Ottawa have most likely heard stories of how the jail is suppose to be haunted by inmates of those who passed away due to the brutal living conditions of the jail. At its beginning-- inmates where thrown in 3 by 9 cells without even a cot to sleep on.

To see the entire investigation -- including the EVPs that we caught at the jail - see the video section @

Some of the inmates were even put to death by a noose similar to the following one:

The investigation was performed by Mike, Ben, and Scott. We did find evidence that -- like usual -- suggest that the rumours are based on reality. Among our evidence were personal experiences, energy pics and EVPS. While conducting an EVP session -- Mike had his Rosary necklace pulled, Ben's water bottle was pushed over, and Scott saw flashes of energy in Death Row.

The following pic shows some energy that we caught in the halls of the old jail near DEATH Row. Notice the energy in the lower right corner. 

EVP Caught
Listen to this! Awesome EVPs captured while in Death Row at the Ottawa Jail.

MIA Team

Lets Go Home

While investigating the Chemong Lodge (see we caught a lot of clear voices from spirits that still visit the lodge. When Mike asked where it wanted to go - it answered "LETS GO HOME". This is a very clear EVP and more proof caught by MIA Paranormal that entities do exist.

Hear the EVP here:

To see more evidence caught at Chemong lodge - including grawl sounds and more EVPS, see

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal to investigate Ottawa Jail House

On Sat Aug 13, 2011, MIA Paranormal will be back in action. This time, we will be investigating the Ottawa Jail House. Known as one of Ottawa's most haunted locations, we are really looking forward to this one. For details check out:

To see all of our investigations to date, see

MIA Team

New MIA Banner

Here is our new Banner that will start to appear on other sites to generate traffic back to

Let us know what you think.

Also -- check out the new site:

MIA Team

Listen to Malice Cooper interview MIA Paranormal again

Check out MIA paranormal being interviewed for the second time by Malice Cooper. Once again -- we enjoyed the interview. You can hear it at the following URL:

Check out more MIA content at

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal launches our Flash-based Web Site

We are proud to be able to say that after months of work and investigations - we have finally launched our Flash-based web site. At this point - it is still not 100% complete; however, it will be updated over the next few days. Check out the web site at:

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal June/May EVP Collection

Here is more evidence of the paranormal as caught by the MIA team. Some of these EVPs have been posted and others are new. Notice the one that tells MIKE "wait a minute" that we caught during the Peterborough Theatre Guild Investigation.  This is a new one.

This video was actually made by Jason -- as he is learning some video creation -- good job Jason.

Here is the video.

PS -- we will have our Chemong Lodge results up soon.

MIA Team

MIA Paranormal searches for the Entity that crashed our Malice Cooper interview

During our interview with Malice Cooper a few weeks ago, we had an unexpected visitor drop by to say HI. Malice notice it at first. Mike suspected that the entity was the one that he reported seeing around his house. MIA Paranormal decided to investigate the home of one of their own. On Saturday June 18, 2011, we investigated the home of Mike and Trish. We did find evidence to strongly suggest that Mike and Trish are right. They do appear to have a spirit of a young child living with them. This is truly a case of a young friendly ghost, in no way mean or a threat.

By the way, MIA paranormal welcome Ben to the team, as shown in the following video.

Here are some pics of the interview - Ben and Mike.

Mike and Trish

Here the team hears a voice. 

Watch the following video and listen to the EVP at the end. It shows that even those that pass on and are young may be still wondering the Earth plane.

Mary Legend  in Marmora, Ontario
There has been a legend of sightings of Mary - a 14 year old girl who died in the 1840s. MIA Paranormal investigated this legend.  Here are some pics from the legend. Here is Ben doing some EVP work - we did catch her voice on tape - posted next sun.

Here is a pic of what is left from a church -- notice the energy - these are NOT bugs!!!

Here is Mike and Laurie - more energy:

MIA Team

MIA Returns to the Site where we found the HEV EVP

On Fri June 3, 2011, the MIA Paranormal team returned to the retail outlet store where we got the EVP that told us that their name was HEV. The results again were very interesting - if not out right awesome. We got more energy pics and better yet, Jason got a direct response to his question that we captured on tape. Jason asked if the entity could show themselves by rattling some bushes. In response - you can hear it answer "Ya" and then hear bushes move.

Here you can see Jason and Mike review some evidence that we caught.

Here you can see some energy around Jason and Mike.

Watch the following video to see this question and the response. It is a good one and like always - it's 100% real.

If you like this EVP, we ask that you click one of the ad links - it helps pay for future investigations and we have some very big ones lined up.

MIA Team

Chemong Lodge Investigation Announcment

On July 9, 2011 -- MIA paranormal will be investigating the Chemong Lodge located in the Kawarthas region of Ontario. We are looking forward to this one -- it should be very good. We have captured lots of evidence during the past several months that even a die-hard skeptic would have problems trying to explain. We hope to determine if this location is active or not and look forward to posting any evidence we get. We also hope to launch our new Flash web site in July.

For details about the claims at this location-- see:

To see the evidence we caught during this investigation - see

MIA Team

Hear MIA being Interviewed by Malice Cooper

Hear an MIA interview with Malice Cooper - who hosts an awesome internet talk show. If you like Coast to Coast - you will love Malice's show. I know that I will be listening a lot to her shows. She is based in Winnipeg - Go Jets!!

We even had an unexpected guest drop in. At 19:07 in the interview -- you can hear someone or something say Hi -- or something. Mike and Jason are able to draw energy while doing interviews -- crazy stuff.

You can hear our interview at:

Weird sounds on this interview
In this interview - there appears to be 2 EVPs on at 19:07 and another one a little earlier -- that appears to be a giggle. Now the really strange part. That giggle is very very similiar to this EVP of a giggle that we caught while investigating the black stone angel:

Here is the giggle EVP we caught while taking this pic AS WELL AS the EVPs that Malice heard during our interview. I guess EVPs can be caught over phone interviews too:


MIA Investigates the Theatre Guild in Peterborough

On Friday June 3, 2011, MIA Paranormal investigated the Theatre Guild in Peterborough. Legend has it that an old caretaker named Chappy remains. We are really starting to find awesome evidence of Chappy. Hear the EVP below - along with the pics of an entity in the theater.

MIA was impressed with the building and setup of the Peterborough Theatre Guide. Here are some pics:

Here is the theater looking onto the stage:

This is one of the best pics we have caught to date of an entity that we heard in an EVP:

Here is a face that appears in the same room as the EVP:

NOTE: To see the follow up investigation of the Guild investigation done in Sept, 2012, see

Content from this investigation made the Coast to Coast AM web page.

Here is a  video of our investigation:

We caught an EVP from Chappy (We believe) - as we were setting up equipment - Chappy had something to say - watch the short EVP video:

PS -- If you like this EVP - help out MIA by CLICKING on an AD sponser - it helps fund future investigations so we can keep posting evidence of the paranormal. THXS!!

Mike captures an EVP
As it turns out - we caught many voices and energy pics from this investigation. He is one that Mike caught:

New Video of this investigation (Oct 2011)
Here is a new video of this investigation - new in this video is a English and then French EVP - the entity Spoke in 2 languages. 

Malice Cooper Show
If you like Coast to Coast (as the members of MIA do) -- you will love Malice Cooper show -- check it out:


MIA Paranormal Web Site:

MIA Team

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