Sneak Peak of a MIA Paranormal investigation of a Private Residence in Eastern Ontario

On the Weekend of Sept 17, MIA investigated a private residence in Eastern Ontario.

We have started reviewing the evidence and we are finding this to be one of our most active places. Here is a sneak peak of an  awesome piece evidence. In this clip, you hear Jason thanking the entity for its participation. You see Jason thanking it in the video and then you can hear the same EVP that we caught in response to Jason's statement. 

Our full findings of this investigation will be posted at in early Oct. You do not want to miss this one.

Here is a very creepy EVP
Talk about a very creepy Ghost voice - this one is a classic CREEPY voice that answers YES to Jason:

The Entity Likes the game of Baseball
I guess even after you pass on - you can still hold a love for Earthbound games. In this clip -- Jason asks the entity if it likes Baseball. The response - is "I am learning that game". This is yet another mind blowing piece of Evidence that was caught by the MIA Paranoromal team.

New Video with new EVPs
Here is a video with new pics and new EVPs. Among a good new EVP is one in which the entity tells someone on the team to "Sit Down and Shutup"

MIA Team

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