MIA Paranormal EVPs from 2011-12 provides evidence that human consciousness survives the death of the physical body

We compiled a list of our best EVPs from the 2011-12. These EVPs provide strong evidence that human consciousness survives the death of the physical body. That is, we go on after death. Some of these EVPs use dated language such as the one caught at Chemong lounge that says :HEAVEN AND STARS.  Another example of dated language is when Scott asks the name at Ottawa Jail house and gets "Paul...Stranger".

Some provides evidence that entities have pride and when you insult that pride, you will hear it. An example is "PISS OFF" caught at Oshawa Little Theatre. Others provide many questions such as do entities hang around in spirit with their earth families. We caught "Daddy... do we know them?" Wow -- this implies that a spiritual entity see us while investigating and asked his dad who we are.

Others protect earthy property. For example, when we were in the Peterborough theatre guild and was setting up equipment, we heard "Don't Do That" Sometimes we are even corrected by entities such as when we were trying to figure out the name of the entity and we heard on type "HEV". It was telling us its name as we thought it was HOBART or something.

One of the reasons why MIA Paranormal investigates is to find evidence whether humans are really spiritual entities having an earthy life or are we just a collection of brain cells that will cease to exist when we die. This is a question that i have pondered my entire life and is one of the reasons why I am a paranormal investigator.

 Based on over 100 EVPS - you can hear a collection of some of our best ones in the following video - we feel that we have provided strong evidence that humans are spiritual beings. In addition, we survive death, know how to speak and communicate with people when we are separated from our bodies, and ghosts are real and they are not demons from hell or monsters- but ordinary people that have passed over and still roam the earthly plane.

The following video represents of a collection of MIA paranormals best collection of EVPs from 2011-12. Enjoy the video.

To see the youtube version (better quality) see :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO1E_KhJNA4&feature=youtu.be.

MIA Team!

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