ORBS -- what are these

As 2011 closes out - we are reviewing our first real year as an established Ghost hunting team. MIA Paranormal has really come a long way since this posting:


We have caught a lot of evidence of entities - especially EVPs. We notice that when we get EVPs - we get a lot of ORB shots in the area. We have a lot of interesting ORB pics posted on our site. People argue that ORB shots are nothing more than Bugs, Dust. or light reflection. If this was the case - we would not be getting the voices that answer our questions on our recording devices that strongly suggest that ORBs are really conscious energy that is able to understand questions that we ask and provide answers. That is, ORBs are a form of an entity.

The following pics are some of the better ORB shots that we have caught during 2011 and where we have also caught EVPs:

For more information about ORBS -- read this article:

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