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MIA Paranormal catches a voice of a young entity with a British Accent

For our first investigation of 2012, MIA paranormal performed an investigation in a private residence in Stirling Ontario on January 21, 2012. Some of the claims in this house are of children laughing and playing, even through there are no children in the house at the time and the people living the house seeing entities in it. Now no one sleeps upstairs where we conducted our investigation. The problem was that no one believed them and that is why MIA was called in. We have indeed found evidence to back up the claims.

You can see in the following pics some of the energy that we caught. Notice the energy below Ben's head.

Here notice the energy around Ben's knee. 

Here you can see it over his shoulder - you can even hear me telling Ben that i see energy over this shoulder in one of the EVPs you are about to hear in the video below.

This is a large amount of energy in the following pic:

We were in the room (shown in the 1st three pics) when we caught the EVPS you are about to hear. We caught some real clear EVPs of an entity that sounds like a young male child with a British accent. This lines up with the claims of the people living in the house hearing child voices. You are to hear them too. THEY ARE VERY CLEAR!!

These EVPS are some of the best of a young child we have caught to date. In the first EVP, you can hear the entity say "DADDY -- Do we know these people". This is real interesting as it demonstrates that they can see us and acknowledge our presence.

The second EVP - you can hear the same child voice say "Andrew went downstairs to the bathroom":. There are no children living in the house named Andrew.

In this 2nd EVP video-- you can hear the same boy speak to his Daddy again. 

In this 3nd EVP video -- you hear Jason asking what Year did the violence occur -- the response was "NO YEAR". It sounds like a female voice.

We will post all of the pics and the rest of the evidence from this investigation at our main web site:

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You can hear Malice Cooper and MIA discuss this investigation.
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MIA Team

PS -- here is a funny pic that Mike created - poking a bit of fun at ourselves ( good job Mike - LOL):

Check out the new MIA Interactive Photo Gallery

We have added a new interactive Photo Gallery that you can access from the main MIA Paranormal web site. You will see some very interesting pics from some of our investigations that we have conducted during the past year. The following shows the new interactive Photo Gallery:

When you click on a pic -- it will zoom -- such as the following:

To see our new interactive Photo gallery - go to our main site at and select the new menu option:

Also - you will be able to see our first investigation of the year by coming back to our web site after Jan 22, 2012. You do not want to miss that one.

MIA Team

Chrysalis a spiritual journey

Ever wonder about what ghosts really are,  life after death, whats it's like in the spirit world, reincarination, and so on. While then, you should buy the book Chrysalis-- written by MIA Paranormal's own Jason Macdonald:

Jason spent 4 years researching this book, including detailed past life regression and life between life sessions. During these sessions, Jason discovered (among other things) that he once lived as Carol Douglass -- a WW2 navigaotor on a bomber. Guess what - Jason has found evidence that there was indeed a navigator in WW2 named Carol Douglass. If you are interested in this subject matter, then check out details on how you can read this book:

Happy reading

MIA Team

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