MIA Paranormal searches for the Entity that crashed our Malice Cooper interview

During our interview with Malice Cooper a few weeks ago, we had an unexpected visitor drop by to say HI. Malice notice it at first. Mike suspected that the entity was the one that he reported seeing around his house. MIA Paranormal decided to investigate the home of one of their own. On Saturday June 18, 2011, we investigated the home of Mike and Trish. We did find evidence to strongly suggest that Mike and Trish are right. They do appear to have a spirit of a young child living with them. This is truly a case of a young friendly ghost, in no way mean or a threat.

By the way, MIA paranormal welcome Ben to the team, as shown in the following video.

Here are some pics of the interview - Ben and Mike.

Mike and Trish

Here the team hears a voice. 

Watch the following video and listen to the EVP at the end. It shows that even those that pass on and are young may be still wondering the Earth plane.

Mary Legend  in Marmora, Ontario
There has been a legend of sightings of Mary - a 14 year old girl who died in the 1840s. MIA Paranormal investigated this legend.  Here are some pics from the legend. Here is Ben doing some EVP work - we did catch her voice on tape - posted next sun.

Here is a pic of what is left from a church -- notice the energy - these are NOT bugs!!!

Here is Mike and Laurie - more energy:

MIA Team

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