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MIA Paranormal searches for the Entity that crashed our Malice Cooper interview

During our interview with Malice Cooper a few weeks ago, we had an unexpected visitor drop by to say HI. Malice notice it at first. Mike suspected that the entity was the one that he reported seeing around his house. MIA Paranormal decided to investigate the home of one of their own. On Saturday June 18, 2011, we investigated the home of Mike and Trish. We did find evidence to strongly suggest that Mike and Trish are right. They do appear to have a spirit of a young child living with them. This is truly a case of a young friendly ghost, in no way mean or a threat.

By the way, MIA paranormal welcome Ben to the team, as shown in the following video.

Here are some pics of the interview - Ben and Mike.

Mike and Trish

Here the team hears a voice. 

Watch the following video and listen to the EVP at the end. It shows that even those that pass on and are young may be still wondering the Earth plane.

Mary Legend  in Marmora, Ontario
There has been a legend of sightings of Mary - a 14 year old girl who died in the 1840s. MIA Paranormal investigated this legend.  Here are some pics from the legend. Here is Ben doing some EVP work - we did catch her voice on tape - posted next sun.

Here is a pic of what is left from a church -- notice the energy - these are NOT bugs!!!

Here is Mike and Laurie - more energy:

MIA Team

MIA Returns to the Site where we found the HEV EVP

On Fri June 3, 2011, the MIA Paranormal team returned to the retail outlet store where we got the EVP that told us that their name was HEV. The results again were very interesting - if not out right awesome. We got more energy pics and better yet, Jason got a direct response to his question that we captured on tape. Jason asked if the entity could show themselves by rattling some bushes. In response - you can hear it answer "Ya" and then hear bushes move.

Here you can see Jason and Mike review some evidence that we caught.

Here you can see some energy around Jason and Mike.

Watch the following video to see this question and the response. It is a good one and like always - it's 100% real.

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MIA Team

Chemong Lodge Investigation Announcment

On July 9, 2011 -- MIA paranormal will be investigating the Chemong Lodge located in the Kawarthas region of Ontario. We are looking forward to this one -- it should be very good. We have captured lots of evidence during the past several months that even a die-hard skeptic would have problems trying to explain. We hope to determine if this location is active or not and look forward to posting any evidence we get. We also hope to launch our new Flash web site in July.

For details about the claims at this location-- see:

To see the evidence we caught during this investigation - see

MIA Team

Hear MIA being Interviewed by Malice Cooper

Hear an MIA interview with Malice Cooper - who hosts an awesome internet talk show. If you like Coast to Coast - you will love Malice's show. I know that I will be listening a lot to her shows. She is based in Winnipeg - Go Jets!!

We even had an unexpected guest drop in. At 19:07 in the interview -- you can hear someone or something say Hi -- or something. Mike and Jason are able to draw energy while doing interviews -- crazy stuff.

You can hear our interview at:

Weird sounds on this interview
In this interview - there appears to be 2 EVPs on at 19:07 and another one a little earlier -- that appears to be a giggle. Now the really strange part. That giggle is very very similiar to this EVP of a giggle that we caught while investigating the black stone angel:

Here is the giggle EVP we caught while taking this pic AS WELL AS the EVPs that Malice heard during our interview. I guess EVPs can be caught over phone interviews too:


MIA Investigates the Theatre Guild in Peterborough

On Friday June 3, 2011, MIA Paranormal investigated the Theatre Guild in Peterborough. Legend has it that an old caretaker named Chappy remains. We are really starting to find awesome evidence of Chappy. Hear the EVP below - along with the pics of an entity in the theater.

MIA was impressed with the building and setup of the Peterborough Theatre Guide. Here are some pics:

Here is the theater looking onto the stage:

This is one of the best pics we have caught to date of an entity that we heard in an EVP:

Here is a face that appears in the same room as the EVP:

NOTE: To see the follow up investigation of the Guild investigation done in Sept, 2012, see

Content from this investigation made the Coast to Coast AM web page.

Here is a  video of our investigation:

We caught an EVP from Chappy (We believe) - as we were setting up equipment - Chappy had something to say - watch the short EVP video:

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Mike captures an EVP
As it turns out - we caught many voices and energy pics from this investigation. He is one that Mike caught:

New Video of this investigation (Oct 2011)
Here is a new video of this investigation - new in this video is a English and then French EVP - the entity Spoke in 2 languages. 

Malice Cooper Show
If you like Coast to Coast (as the members of MIA do) -- you will love Malice Cooper show -- check it out:


MIA Paranormal Web Site:

MIA Team

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