MIA Paranormal Returns to Theatre Guild

On Saturday Spet 15, 2012, MIA Paranormal returned to the Peterborough Theatre Guild seeking more proof to back claims of its paranormal activity. As we start to review the evidence -- we are not disappointed. Some of the members had personnel experiences during the investigation, such as hearing a threat and witnessing our gear which was fully charged lose power within minutes.

Scott was told to watch his head when he suggested that he liked the theatre seats and was going to bring them home (sometimes we try to provoke to invoke a response). During the 2nd guild investigation, this approach worked. Notice the energy ORB above the person's head in the following pic. (When get EVPs at a location - we typically get ORBS too).

Jason captured some pics of the actual Slimer (similar to the little guy whom appeared on the Ghost Busters moves). These pics feature an energy pattern of something merging to form and in the end - it was a green blob - aka Slimer:

2nd pic:

Fully rendered:

Check out this EVP vid where you can hear Scott get warned and then Jason and Scott debate whether the entity should be fired -- which invoked a real strong response.

They Think I am Chappy

In the same location in which we photographed the green mass shown in the previous photos - we caught this EVP. This is really really interesting as it shows beyond a doubt that the entity is an intelligent haunt and is aware that we were addressing it as Chappy. I guess we now know that more than Chappy haunts the Guild. Check this out.

Safe on your watch

Here is another kick ass EVP from the Theatre Guild. Same voice as "They think I am Chappy". In this EVP -- the entity says "Safe on your watch" -- very very clear..

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We have sponsored a new blog that examines other peoples work/evidence that human consciousness and the brain are separate and we are really spirital beings and are immortal

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