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Scott's Perspective on MIA

To all the people out in facebook - you may have seen MIA links and wonder what they are -- let me explain - as most of you know - i work in high tech and document code and software for a living. Something I really enjoy after almost 15 years. I really enjoy my current role at Adobe.

However about a year ago - I made a promise to my brother Jason - to help him by bringing my knowledge of the web, Adobe CS5 software, blogs, content, etc to his cause. About a year ago -- Jason  founded a team of researches called MIA (metaphysical investigations agency) to determine if all the shows we see on TV about paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, etc are based on reality or fake.

When i started reseaching this a few years ago (at first reading books)- i did not believe in paranormal that much - something about 20% yes 80% no. I thought like most people that do not know much about this field.

I have been on investigations first hand  -- my role BTW -- is to document the investigations (like work -  but instead of Word, Java, ActionScript/Flex, Framemaker, etc), I am using video equipment to produce rich data like video, audio, etc.  Since I have started --I've been truly blown away. Sometimes I feel like i am living  in twilight zone. All of the things i've seen and heard on TV are REAL! I am now a 100% believer from what I've seen.

I have seen ORBs of light moving around, heard voices out of thin air answer questions we asked, been knocked by unseen forces, heard knocks on walls when prompted etc. All the material on our blogs (and soon to be flash-based web site) are 100% real. We have not modified it or faked it   at all. I would not be wasting my time in doing so.

We have been lucky enough to capture voices that are among the clearest that I have heard on the web. I really like HEV voice we captured. We have some clear pics of energy too that go along with the voices. See

Over the coming months, Mike Greco,  Jason Macdonald, and I along with others are going to continue to explore what is really going on. We investigate the supposedly haunted Peterborough Theater Guild this weekend.

We will continue to post links to our finding. I just wanted to let everyone know what these links are. So if you are really interested in knowing - could there be more - check out our blog - links are everywhere.

If any of you ever have questions about any of this content -- let me know. I would be happy to tell you about things that i have seen so far. Also - feel free to leave comments on the blog to tell us what you think.

Scott Macdonald

MIA wants you to send us your paranormal stories, pics, etc

There is no doubt that some people that do not research this subject field think that EVPs are sci-fi and/or fake

There are a a lot of people who think:

Any radio transmitter nearby can leak into audio equipment.   Police, Aircraft, taxi, delivery, UPS, fedEx, and more.   Yep, the words will be few and cryptic, like "Pan Am 33 cleared for 22 west

Yeah maybe all of the EVPs telling us to GET OUT or answering with names (like HEV) just happend to be picked up at that moment in time from some radio station -- LMAO!!

After investigating this field -- MIA knows this argument does not add up. Plain and simple -- its a very very weak agument. I personally equate it to flat earth believers from years ago!

 1st -- because our EVPs are real, and 2nd they answer our questions and are usually accompanied by pics of energy, like ORBs, etc, we are fully confident in saying that EVPs are the real deal. They are being produced by something. Who for example said their name is HEV or who told us to get out, or answered tredent. (See our various BLOGS).

MIA wants to know what you think. Better yet - send your pics, stories, etc to and we may post your stories and pics on our blog and eventually our web site when its launched. We want to do an article a month that features content from you.

MIA Team

PS - if you send us your pics and stories and we select yours, and if you are in our area - Ottawa-Toronto  (and   if you are interested) - we may ask you to be a guest on a real paranormal investigation in the future. You can see for yourself that our experiences (and those like TAPs) are real.

MIA is going to be Interviewed on an Open Internet Radio Show

MIA is very excited to announce that we will be on the Malice Cooper Internet Radio show on June 8 around 7 om EST. The name of the show is Nightmares with Malice Cooper Live.

The URL is

Malice has been hosting the show for over 8 years and talks to a range of guests - including us crazy Paranormal Investigators.

We will be talking about our experiences including our upcoming Peterborough Theatre Guild Investigation which we will be doing in the next week.

MIA Team

Collection of MIA EVPS

We have had feedback that people enjoy our EVPs. So we decided to make a collection of the clear EVPs we caught during the past several investigations. We have a new one in the following video that no one has heard before. The new one is a mourning sound (or whine) we caught while investigating the blackstone angel legend. What makes it even stranger is that we captured this EVP while taking these ORB pics.

Another strange ORB shot in cemetery:

Finally this one -- a very bright clear ORB -- Mike and Jason saw it without using a camera:

Check out the video of MIA EVP Collection -- the first one is the new EVP:

Like always -- if you like our content - please check our our sponsors ADs by clicking on them.

MIA Team

More Paranormal Evidence caught by MIA in Lakefield, Ont

Skeptics of the paranormal often like to say that all EVPs (aka dis-embodied voices) are low quality and cannot be heard. MIA has shoot down that argument by catching a lot of very clear EVPs in the past couple of months and have posted them here (until our web site is launched at end of Aug 2011).

Another argument they say is EVPs are just radio waves. That argument  holds 0 credibility when the entity answers you. So - if you are reading this and a skeptic - please leave a comment and tell us where you think the responses to our questions came from. If you are a believer - leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Also please bear in mind - we are all professionals by day, have families, and would not be wasting our time -- or yours -- if we faked this content. All MIA content is REAL!!!

Anyhow - here is another awesome EVP that we caught - it answered Jason when he asked if there are other entities in the house while investigating the bedroom.  It said something along the lines of tredent (who ever that is).

Here is a pic of the guys investigating the room where the EVP was caught:

Check out the expression on Jason's face here - he heard the response you are about to hear in the below MIA video on his head set. (that is why in our videos you may notice Jason speaking - he is telling us what he hears on his headset).

Here is the LakeField Investigation video -- part 2 -- enjoy (Please- if you like this Blog - help MIA by clicking an Ad in our blog- it helps to keep seeking the truth and create future videos for your enjoyment):

MIA Team

MIA investigates a private residence in Lakefield Ont

During the May 24 long weekend, MIA was in action investigating a private residence in Lakefield, Ontario. At first, we thought that the house was relativity claim. However, we soon found out that we were not alone. Within minutes of starting the investigation, we had an EVP and hits on our equipment. Mike and Jason heard voices, and saw Orbs and shadows in the basement.

Here is a pic of an Orb around Mike:

(in the following video - you can hear what it says - it told us to "Get Out" -- LOL.

As the night went on - we all had personal experiences. I was grabbed again. Jason was poked and Mike had marks on him as if someone grabbed him hard. Overall it was a great investigation. We also took time out to enjoy the evidence that we captured, as shown in the following pic of Mike and Jason.

Watch the following video- listen to the EVP and watch as MIA interacts with the entities in the house.

(click on the video to watch it at you tube)

MIA Team

MIA Investigates a Retail Outlet's Patio

During the night of May 20 - while investigating other Peterborough legends - we also investigated the patio of a local retail outlet. The results DID NOT DISAPPOINT. We captured an awesome and very clear EVP. We also captured ORB pics during the same time as the EVP. Mike and Jason both felt its energy.

Here are some pics that we caught at the same time of the EVP you are about to hear in the video below:

The funny thing about this one is Mike did asked for it to follow him. Here is another one:

With the ORB pics, the EVP and the feeling that Mike and Jason picked up, we feel comfortable in saying that there was something there. Check out the following video that highlights the EVP and additional ORB pics.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Here is the video:

Check our MIA Website:

MIA Team

PS  - Please feel free to check our our ad sponsors below.

MIA Investigates Peterborough Legends

While most people were heading out camping, to cottages, etc on the start of May 24, MIA was again in action. We performed 2 separate investigations on the Fri May 20th:

1 - A private residence in Lakefield
2 - Peterborough Legends

The subject of this post is the 2nd one -- Peterborough Legends. We had wild success. We picked up energy hits on our equipment, Orb pics, and had a great EVP session. We will post the EVP later this week. I think it's better than the DAD EVP. Keep you eye out for that one.

The following video gives you an idea of what we did - and watch the pics at the end. There are some great ORB images - including one of the largest ones I have seen. We definatley captured pics of energy that night.

MIA Team

MIA Peterborough Theater guild Investigation Annoucement

We are excited to announce an upcoming MIA paranormal investigation. We will be investigating the Peterborough Theater guild on June 3, 2011. We are very much looking forward to this one. For details, see:

MIA Team

What separates the upcoming MIA site from other sites

One of the aspects that Metaphysical Investigation Agency will provide (with the help of Adobe Flash) is the experience of what it is like to investigate the paranormal. We are going to bring a visually engaging experience to the desktop or a connected device. Our content will be real and will not be modified or fake in any way -- that is our promise.

For example - our images of real investigations will be full screen and detailed, not tiny pics that nobody can see. Here is an example of an image that shows Mike performing an EVP session: (BTW -- this is where we caught the DAD EVP -- see a previous BLOG entry),

This is just a tiny example of what is to come with MIA web site. Our web site launch is scheduled for Aug 2011.

MIA Team

MIA is going to be busy over the coming months

Metaphysical Investigation Agency is really building momentum. We have the following locations booked:

1 - Cornwall Jail House
2 - peterborough theater guild (this one will be conducted from 12 am to 4 am)
3- A retail store in Lakefield
4- Some private homes in the Peterborough area.

We are also working on additional sites including:
1 - Old Fort Henry
2 - An abandoned hospital for the mentally challenged
3- Manotick Mill (Watson Mill)
4 - Smiths Falls Rail Museum
5 - Peterborough Lift Locks

We are also  working hard on our Flash-based web site to bring you every bit of the action via high def video,. audio, etc. We will be launching our web site Aug 2011. It promises to be one of the most visually engaging paranormal web site in the World.

Here is the start page of MIA web site - just as a preview:

We will include our investigations, our evidence like Orb videos, EVPs, and hopefully better footgage. Stay turned for more information.

An Investigation Annoucement

We just found out that we will be investigating the famous Cornwall Jail, one of the most haunted places in Eastern Canada. We will be conducting this investigation sometime in the summer of 2011. See the link:

We are very excited to be able to investigate this place.


A clearer ORB video caught by MIA

We wanted to post this MUCH clearer ORB video. As you can see, Mike is doing some EVP work during the Peterborough investigation. Little did we know at the time that he had attracted a lot of ORB actitivity. As you can see from the following video, there is a lot of ORBS flying around.  See the ones coming from the flag in the background.

Here is the video (set to full screen on You Tube):



See an overview of the Peterborough Investigation

We have created a 10 min video of the Peterborough investigation. This will be the last time we have low quality video as MIA has invested in top of the line video equipment. Anyhow - here is the video -- enjoy:

The URL to the vid is:

MIA Team member. 

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