MIA investigates a private residence in Lakefield Ont

During the May 24 long weekend, MIA was in action investigating a private residence in Lakefield, Ontario. At first, we thought that the house was relativity claim. However, we soon found out that we were not alone. Within minutes of starting the investigation, we had an EVP and hits on our equipment. Mike and Jason heard voices, and saw Orbs and shadows in the basement.

Here is a pic of an Orb around Mike:

(in the following video - you can hear what it says - it told us to "Get Out" -- LOL.

As the night went on - we all had personal experiences. I was grabbed again. Jason was poked and Mike had marks on him as if someone grabbed him hard. Overall it was a great investigation. We also took time out to enjoy the evidence that we captured, as shown in the following pic of Mike and Jason.

Watch the following video- listen to the EVP and watch as MIA interacts with the entities in the house.

(click on the video to watch it at you tube)

MIA Team

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