MIA Investigates Peterborough Legends

While most people were heading out camping, to cottages, etc on the start of May 24, MIA was again in action. We performed 2 separate investigations on the Fri May 20th:

1 - A private residence in Lakefield
2 - Peterborough Legends

The subject of this post is the 2nd one -- Peterborough Legends. We had wild success. We picked up energy hits on our equipment, Orb pics, and had a great EVP session. We will post the EVP later this week. I think it's better than the DAD EVP. Keep you eye out for that one.

The following video gives you an idea of what we did - and watch the pics at the end. There are some great ORB images - including one of the largest ones I have seen. We definatley captured pics of energy that night.

MIA Team

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