Scott's Perspective on MIA

To all the people out in facebook - you may have seen MIA links and wonder what they are -- let me explain - as most of you know - i work in high tech and document code and software for a living. Something I really enjoy after almost 15 years. I really enjoy my current role at Adobe.

However about a year ago - I made a promise to my brother Jason - to help him by bringing my knowledge of the web, Adobe CS5 software, blogs, content, etc to his cause. About a year ago -- Jason  founded a team of researches called MIA (metaphysical investigations agency) to determine if all the shows we see on TV about paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, etc are based on reality or fake.

When i started reseaching this a few years ago (at first reading books)- i did not believe in paranormal that much - something about 20% yes 80% no. I thought like most people that do not know much about this field.

I have been on investigations first hand  -- my role BTW -- is to document the investigations (like work -  but instead of Word, Java, ActionScript/Flex, Framemaker, etc), I am using video equipment to produce rich data like video, audio, etc.  Since I have started --I've been truly blown away. Sometimes I feel like i am living  in twilight zone. All of the things i've seen and heard on TV are REAL! I am now a 100% believer from what I've seen.

I have seen ORBs of light moving around, heard voices out of thin air answer questions we asked, been knocked by unseen forces, heard knocks on walls when prompted etc. All the material on our blogs (and soon to be flash-based web site) are 100% real. We have not modified it or faked it   at all. I would not be wasting my time in doing so.

We have been lucky enough to capture voices that are among the clearest that I have heard on the web. I really like HEV voice we captured. We have some clear pics of energy too that go along with the voices. See

Over the coming months, Mike Greco,  Jason Macdonald, and I along with others are going to continue to explore what is really going on. We investigate the supposedly haunted Peterborough Theater Guild this weekend.

We will continue to post links to our finding. I just wanted to let everyone know what these links are. So if you are really interested in knowing - could there be more - check out our blog - links are everywhere.

If any of you ever have questions about any of this content -- let me know. I would be happy to tell you about things that i have seen so far. Also - feel free to leave comments on the blog to tell us what you think.

Scott Macdonald

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