MIA is going to be busy over the coming months

Metaphysical Investigation Agency is really building momentum. We have the following locations booked:

1 - Cornwall Jail House
2 - peterborough theater guild (this one will be conducted from 12 am to 4 am)
3- A retail store in Lakefield
4- Some private homes in the Peterborough area.

We are also working on additional sites including:
1 - Old Fort Henry
2 - An abandoned hospital for the mentally challenged
3- Manotick Mill (Watson Mill)
4 - Smiths Falls Rail Museum
5 - Peterborough Lift Locks

We are also  working hard on our Flash-based web site to bring you every bit of the action via high def video,. audio, etc. We will be launching our web site Aug 2011. It promises to be one of the most visually engaging paranormal web site in the World.

Here is the start page of MIA web site - just as a preview:

We will include our investigations, our evidence like Orb videos, EVPs, and hopefully better footgage. Stay turned for more information.

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