Spiritual Activity found by MIA Paranormal at Oshawa Little Theatre

On Saturday April 28, 2012, MIA Paranormal was busy investigating another community little theatre. This time we investigated the Oshawa Little Theatre.

Here is a cool pic of the ghost that you can hear in the following EVPs.

Once again, we found evidence to suggest that spirits do roam the theatre. We all had personal experiences. Jason heard multiple dis-embodied voices throughout the night. Ben conducted several EVPs where he caught some responses, as shown in the following video.

In this video, you can hear Jason's surprise reaction to another dis-embodied voice (remove kids as this reaction is his true reaction and is not family friendly. Even paranormal investigators are sometimes taken by surprise when we hear voices out of thin air).

 The following are some interesting pics from the investigation. This one shows a large Orb over Trish.

Here is another blue orb we saw floating in the Air.

Here is some energy around a statue.

We will post more evidence as we continue to look through it.

Hear Malice Cooper and Jason talk about this case:

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