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MIA PAranormal investigates the Old Cobourg Jail

On Saturday October 26, 2013, MIA Paranormal investigated the Cobourg Jail located in Cobourg  Ont. The history of this place was typical for an old jail: a lot of misery and deaths of in mates. It did not take long for MIA to start finding evidence to suggest that this place is indeed haunted.

For this investigation, we were accompanied by a group of the public whom paid a donation (to raise money for a local hospital) to accompany a real ghost hunting group. We did not disappoint and found plenty of evidence of the paranormal.

In one room, we were accompanied by a group of people who all witnessed a girl, named Ashley, say that her hand was pinned down by an unforeseen force. Here are pics taken in sequence.

In the first pic - you can see that nothing was around her:

In this second pic -- you can see that energy is starting to come down.

Now you can see it clearly in her hand

Here is a close up -- this is the energy that speaks to us (as shown below in the EVP video)

What is really interesting is about a minute after this pic was taken, she said that she felt something around her neck. MIA told the entity to leave Ashley alone and everyone in the room heard in real time an EVP. It said "I GOT TO GO" and it left Ashley.

Here is that EVP:

We will post our evidence here in the coming days.

MIA Team

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MIA Paranormal Investigates Fort Erie

On April 27, 2013, MIA Paranormal investigated Fort Erie, a fort used during the war of 1812, a war between the United States and the British colony of Canada.

 During the height of the War, hundreds of 1812 soldiers lost their life at the fort. MIA was in search for evidence that suggests that the spirits of these soldiers still linger around the fort. The night did not disappoint.  All MIA members had personal experiences, we caught entity pic,s and caught many EVPs on our recording devices.

Investigation video

Here is the investigation video.

14th Regiment

We caught an EVP that told us that the entity belonged to the 14th Regiment. And them made reference to French. We think French refers to the Battle of Frenchman's Creek, See:

Check it out - one of our BEST EVPS ever caught...

MIA Finds Captain Kingsly

This is unbelievable. MIA Paranormal asked Kingsly to say his name (or another entity to say his name) and we get that response. LISTEN TO THIS EVP - it will blow you away....

Pics from the night

Here are some pics. This is a pic of a blue orb that we saw during the investigation.

Here is the Orb up close:

Here is a white entity that many people saw floating across the premises of the fort. This appears to be in motion. 

Here is the team doing EVP work.

Captured EVPS

In this EVP - we are told to GET OUT/

In this EVP -- the entity locks the Camera and tells us to go.
In this EVP -- we ask what side the entity fought on and it told us YANKs (a term to refer to the American side)

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