MIA Paranormal Investigates the Ottawa Jail House

Long rumoured to be haunted -- the Ottawa Jail house was the destination of a MIA Paranormal investigation on August Sat 13, 2011. Those who grew up in Ottawa have most likely heard stories of how the jail is suppose to be haunted by inmates of those who passed away due to the brutal living conditions of the jail. At its beginning-- inmates where thrown in 3 by 9 cells without even a cot to sleep on.

To see the entire investigation -- including the EVPs that we caught at the jail - see the video section @ www.miaparanormal.com.

Some of the inmates were even put to death by a noose similar to the following one:

The investigation was performed by Mike, Ben, and Scott. We did find evidence that -- like usual -- suggest that the rumours are based on reality. Among our evidence were personal experiences, energy pics and EVPS. While conducting an EVP session -- Mike had his Rosary necklace pulled, Ben's water bottle was pushed over, and Scott saw flashes of energy in Death Row.

The following pic shows some energy that we caught in the halls of the old jail near DEATH Row. Notice the energy in the lower right corner. 

EVP Caught
Listen to this! Awesome EVPs captured while in Death Row at the Ottawa Jail.

MIA Team

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