MIA Investigates a Retail Outlet's Patio

During the night of May 20 - while investigating other Peterborough legends - we also investigated the patio of a local retail outlet. The results DID NOT DISAPPOINT. We captured an awesome and very clear EVP. We also captured ORB pics during the same time as the EVP. Mike and Jason both felt its energy.

Here are some pics that we caught at the same time of the EVP you are about to hear in the video below:

The funny thing about this one is Mike did asked for it to follow him. Here is another one:

With the ORB pics, the EVP and the feeling that Mike and Jason picked up, we feel comfortable in saying that there was something there. Check out the following video that highlights the EVP and additional ORB pics.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Here is the video:

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MIA Team

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