More Paranormal Evidence caught by MIA in Lakefield, Ont

Skeptics of the paranormal often like to say that all EVPs (aka dis-embodied voices) are low quality and cannot be heard. MIA has shoot down that argument by catching a lot of very clear EVPs in the past couple of months and have posted them here (until our web site is launched at end of Aug 2011).

Another argument they say is EVPs are just radio waves. That argument  holds 0 credibility when the entity answers you. So - if you are reading this and a skeptic - please leave a comment and tell us where you think the responses to our questions came from. If you are a believer - leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Also please bear in mind - we are all professionals by day, have families, and would not be wasting our time -- or yours -- if we faked this content. All MIA content is REAL!!!

Anyhow - here is another awesome EVP that we caught - it answered Jason when he asked if there are other entities in the house while investigating the bedroom.  It said something along the lines of tredent (who ever that is).

Here is a pic of the guys investigating the room where the EVP was caught:

Check out the expression on Jason's face here - he heard the response you are about to hear in the below MIA video on his head set. (that is why in our videos you may notice Jason speaking - he is telling us what he hears on his headset).

Here is the LakeField Investigation video -- part 2 -- enjoy (Please- if you like this Blog - help MIA by clicking an Ad in our blog- it helps to keep seeking the truth and create future videos for your enjoyment):

MIA Team

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