MIA wants you to send us your paranormal stories, pics, etc

There is no doubt that some people that do not research this subject field think that EVPs are sci-fi and/or fake

There are a a lot of people who think:

Any radio transmitter nearby can leak into audio equipment.   Police, Aircraft, taxi, delivery, UPS, fedEx, and more.   Yep, the words will be few and cryptic, like "Pan Am 33 cleared for 22 west

Yeah maybe all of the EVPs telling us to GET OUT or answering with names (like HEV) just happend to be picked up at that moment in time from some radio station -- LMAO!!

After investigating this field -- MIA knows this argument does not add up. Plain and simple -- its a very very weak agument. I personally equate it to flat earth believers from years ago!

 1st -- because our EVPs are real, and 2nd they answer our questions and are usually accompanied by pics of energy, like ORBs, etc, we are fully confident in saying that EVPs are the real deal. They are being produced by something. Who for example said their name is HEV or who told us to get out, or answered tredent. (See our various BLOGS).

MIA wants to know what you think. Better yet - send your pics, stories, etc to smacdonald2006@hotmail.com and we may post your stories and pics on our blog and eventually our web site when its launched. We want to do an article a month that features content from you.

MIA Team

PS - if you send us your pics and stories and we select yours, and if you are in our area - Ottawa-Toronto  (and   if you are interested) - we may ask you to be a guest on a real paranormal investigation in the future. You can see for yourself that our experiences (and those like TAPs) are real.

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