MIA Investigates the Theatre Guild in Peterborough

On Friday June 3, 2011, MIA Paranormal investigated the Theatre Guild in Peterborough. Legend has it that an old caretaker named Chappy remains. We are really starting to find awesome evidence of Chappy. Hear the EVP below - along with the pics of an entity in the theater.

MIA was impressed with the building and setup of the Peterborough Theatre Guide. Here are some pics:

Here is the theater looking onto the stage:

This is one of the best pics we have caught to date of an entity that we heard in an EVP:

Here is a face that appears in the same room as the EVP:

NOTE: To see the follow up investigation of the Guild investigation done in Sept, 2012, see http://miainvestigations.blogspot.ca/2012/09/mia-paranormal-returns-to-theatre-guild.html.

Content from this investigation made the Coast to Coast AM web page.

Here is a  video of our investigation:

We caught an EVP from Chappy (We believe) - as we were setting up equipment - Chappy had something to say - watch the short EVP video:

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Mike captures an EVP
As it turns out - we caught many voices and energy pics from this investigation. He is one that Mike caught:

New Video of this investigation (Oct 2011)
Here is a new video of this investigation - new in this video is a English and then French EVP - the entity Spoke in 2 languages. 

Malice Cooper Show
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