Hear MIA being Interviewed by Malice Cooper

Hear an MIA interview with Malice Cooper - who hosts an awesome internet talk show. If you like Coast to Coast - you will love Malice's show. I know that I will be listening a lot to her shows. She is based in Winnipeg - Go Jets!!

We even had an unexpected guest drop in. At 19:07 in the interview -- you can hear someone or something say Hi -- or something. Mike and Jason are able to draw energy while doing interviews -- crazy stuff.

You can hear our interview at:


Weird sounds on this interview
In this interview - there appears to be 2 EVPs on at 19:07 and another one a little earlier -- that appears to be a giggle. Now the really strange part. That giggle is very very similiar to this EVP of a giggle that we caught while investigating the black stone angel:

Here is the giggle EVP we caught while taking this pic AS WELL AS the EVPs that Malice heard during our interview. I guess EVPs can be caught over phone interviews too:


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