MIA Paranormal finds evidence of paranormal activity at Simcoe Little Theatre

On Saturday March 17, 2012, Jason Macdonald, Scott Macdonald, and Laurie-Anne McCue (3 members from MIA paranormal) investigated the Simcoe Little Theatre located in Simcoe Ontario. This theatre is a non-profit, charitable organization celebrating 65 years of providing live theatre.

 Over the years there have been claims of actors, actresses, and other staff seeing unexplainable events. Among these claims are hearing sounds out of thin air, hearing unexplainable bangs, seeing shadows move, and so on. During our investigation, all members had personal experiences. Jason heard voices out of thin air in responses to questions, Laurie-Anne's equipment locked up (this sometimes happens while investigating active places), and Scott saw strange energy in the theatre. For example, I saw the follow blue energy and was lucky enough to catch it on camera.

Here is the blue orb shown above up close. 

 As in most of our investigations, when we get Orbs and other energy pics, we also get EVPs. For example, while investigating an area around the elevator, we caught a clear EVP that told us to GET OUT (a common phrase that we have heard from other entities during past investigations.) You can hear this EVP in our investigation video posted below. 

Here is another energy pic that shows orbs in the theatre. 

Here is a new one I found looking through the pics. You can see energy on the left hand side above the chair and three streaks of white energy moving up.

In addition to these energy pics and our personal experiences, we also caught some clear EVPs such as the the "Get Out" one described above. Another interesting EVP that we caught was when Jason asked if it can move something. We caught a clear "YES" and then heard something move.

Note: If entities did not exist or if there were none at the SLT, then we would not be picking up these voices on our recording devices. For example, we would not hear "GET OUT". These responses are not random voices nor are they left over digital signals from near by cell towers, etc (skeptics like to argue that).  They answer our questions or show intelligent responses to our presence. All the material on this blog (and web site) are 100% real. We have not faked any of these responses nor would I waste my time in doing so.

Investigation Video
The following video is the investigation video of Simcoe little theatre.

"Where is she now?" EVP 

In this EVP video, you can hear Laurie-Anne and Dan (a local reporter covering the investigation) have a conversion. In the middle, the voice of an entity was caught and it asked "Where is she now?" Check it out:

New SLT Video

Check out this new video with new EVPS -- such as David and Melinda.

Dan's article 

You can read Dan's article about the investigation here:

To see the rest of the photos taken from this investigation, see www.miaparanormal.com

Listen to MIA and Malice Cooper talk about the Simcoe Little Theatre

You can listen to our talk with Malice here:

UFO Sighting

A few days after MIA performed this investigation, Jason was outside his home after nightfall. He saw a very strange object fly over his house with a humming sound that he never heard before. Jason was able to video the object and its not a helicopter or plane. The question is what the hell is it? (we do not investigate UFOs - but this one is Jason's own video). 

MIA Team

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